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into the brave new world of blogging

I've spent the last 3 days adding, editing, deleting, previewing and publishing my new website ,with a little help from my teenage son I must add ! I am sure it will evolve, much like my art does. I start with a seed an idea , from somewhere Ive been or seen, from something a student has shown me or Ive shown them, from a birthday card or image from a magazine. I put on some music to inspire and get lost in the journey in the forthcoming weeks. I am trying to be creative with technology which I admit is quite challenging but hey, we can only learn from mistakes and build on them.I put the music on but it hasn't really flowed and flourished as yet ! It has been Easter holidays for me and I have taken time to tidy the studio , sort works and catch up on everyday chores that as a busy teacher I rarely get chance to do during a regular week and more excitingly, plan my next project ( details to follow)I aim to add to this blog every week. This will again evolve I am sure as time and confidence allows. But to finish today, the birds in and around the garden are very busy building nests and so I found a fallen nest and some pine cones, what a difference the addition of a little spray paint can add, a new take on a birds nest !

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