Unique, quirky, fun, lively and colourful paintings which offer a glimpse of reality and ooze creativity and imagination. Original oil painting of 4 sparrows sitting on a wire with collaged little birds made with newspaper, brown paper, stamps and tracing paper. One is realistically painted , the others are comedic and will make you smile. All have an element of the unon jack flag hand painted onto their bodies. Long landscaped boxed canvas 32" x 12" x 1.5" or 81cm x 30cm 4cm . Ready to hang. 

Bird on a wire

  • If there is something you would like, but it has been sold or is not quite the right size or colour,  please get in touch to ask if I can create something bespoke for you and I will give you a quotation. As a guide, prices, largely are determined by size and would match those advertised on the rest of the website. You can send me photographs of where the painting will be hung for example, and I can match the painting your colour scheme.  Every painting is unique and individual, but I can create a copy which would ,although, not be exactly and precisely be the same, would be incredibly close to the original, if that's what you want. Or you may want something that has the flavour and feel of the original but is a different painting altogether. A Commission would take up to 6 weeks to complete, but probably sooner, and as oil paints take some time to dry, it is best to add a further week after completion for delivery. 


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